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•Digital Check-in

Passe Verde technology allows you to upload your vaccination card or exam and test results securely from your PC or smartphone. The data verification is performed prior to your arrival at the check-in location or event, digitally and securely. No stress when entering, avoiding queues and crowds, and no surprises.

Passe Verde Immunie solution eliminates the pressure and risks of controlling sanitary protocols at the access gates to departures and events.

Travel, Sport Events and Shows more easily and securely using the digital verification service.

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How it works

Follow the step by step to activate your Passe Verde


Upload your certificates

Send your test result or vaccination card from your computer or mobile


We check it

Our team checks if everything is ok for your access


Done, you're good to go!

All set, now your ticket has the Passe Verde

passe verde

Now you can travel to Fernando de Noronha Island with no hassle using Passe Verde.

The Passe Verde is available for visitors to the island of Fernando de Noronha, and can be purchased at the TPA Online payment check out. With Passe Verde services, you can upload the documents required by the new COVID-19 protocol in advance.

From now on you will have the convenience of uploading your test reports from home, office or any smartphone in advance, leaving this job to be done by Passe Verde Immunie technology. While we take care of the verifications, you can use your time for yourself.

No stress when checking in, no surprises. Traveling like this is better.

Required Documents

Security & Privacy

Passe Verde Immunie uses the highest grade encrypton technology to secure your data process without compromising your privacy.

Passe Verde Immunie is a Privacy by Design solution, developed under the most advanced global data privacy requirements such as the EU GDPR, US California CCPA, UK Privacy Act and Brazilian LGPD.

Global management and services standard

We work with the best technology and the best service providers in the global market.

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