Secure connection with patients and airlines

Get your Covid-PCR Exams and Test results securely connected to your customers using Blockchain technology.
Digital authentication can help you the risk of counterfeiting over paper and ePaper results.

Travel Certificates: A new market requirement

The post-pandemic world requires more effective health and immunisation controls. Immunie provides a safe and cost-effective solution for that.

Direct Communication

Send individual messages to each of your customers via email, SMS or PUSH with reminders and results information.

Security and Privacy

Data authentication with strong encryption, global standard servers and the security of a GDPR Compliant Blockchain technology solution.

Digital Transformation

100% digital, safer and contactless processes add value to your business and expand your customer base.

More than an App

Immunie was developed to integrate different networks, applications and platforms via API.

A Digital Ecosystem

An integrated network connecting your exam lab to your customers, schools, airlines and managers of major events, 100% online, with the security of Blockchain technology.
We work with the best available technology providers and partners
London College
Amazon Web Services
PWA pass

More Convenience

Exam results integrated with eTicket via App or API.

Be part of a network that allows data generated by your laboratory to be delivered in real time to the user, airlines or major events.


Fraud protection

Avoid misusing your laboratory's credibility

Data authenticated by Blockchain technology prevents the possibility of tampering with a paper certificate or PDFs.


Immunie technology expands the reach of your business.


Certified Covid PCR tests
Results shared by the customer for generating direct eTicket via App or API.


Let your customers share its results with schools when needed.
Become a service provider integrated with a network of students and schools.


Safe return to normal
Convenience for your customers to participate in business or academic events safely, without queues.


Global App
Issue vaccination certificates in 12 languages ​​with automatic translation, without complications.

Privacy by Design

Built to meet the most advanced global data privacy requirements.

Designed and implemented to exceed the UK data privacy requirements.

  • Data Protection Act / 2018
    Data Protection Act / 2018


Meets all requirements of the European Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR).

  • GDPR EU 2016/679
    GDPR EU 2016/679

    European Union

Implemented in accordance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

  • CCPA 2018
    CCPA 2018

    State of California, USA