Digital Vaccination Card & Health Wallet

Keep your health records always safe and up to date. Take control of your data, whether at the clinic, schools or whilst travelling.

Why use a Digital Vaccination Card?

Keep your vaccination records safe, anywhere.
  • Safe
    Don't worry about keeping paper cards anymore once you have a secure digital application.
  • Smart
    Get reminders before any new vaccine is due at your mailbox and PUSH
  • Always up to date
    Immunie AI keeps the vaccination calendars of 34 countries always updated automatically.

Data Privacy

Immunie is privacy by design application, built to be compliant with both the UK Data Protection Act (2018), the General Regulation of Data Protection European (GDPR EU 2016/679) and the California Data Protection Act (CDPA / 2018).

Make your life easier with Immunie. No paper, no worries.

When can I use it?
Just connect your digital wallet to your clinic to allow your GP to register new vaccines
Share the vaccination card, health questionnaire and emergency contacts with your school in just one click.
There is no need for queuing at the airport anymore. Use a safe digital certificate to share your health tests and check-in from home using Immunie.
Have a better and safer experience and save time connecting the test result to the electronic ticket issuer.
What does the Legislation say?

Check here the list of States and Municipalities with laws on the digital vaccination card and presentation on registration.

Check the main vaccination schedules

Blockchain technology

We use two layers of strong encryption to ensure that you have full control of your data and that your vaccination records and test results are safe. Immunie proprietary technology allows you to authenticate those records' data integrity without compromising your privacy.
  • Global Availability
  • Mobile and Web Application
  • PWA technology on any smartphone
  • Global management and services standard

    We work with the best technology and the best service providers in the global market.
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    Easy, simple and without the need to download another application taking up memory on your phone.

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    Our Plans

    Stay up to date, keep your records safe, control your permissions, and use your digital vaccination card anywhere in the world.
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    Vaccination Calendars

    Immunie has 34 different national calendars always updated in our database. Check below some of our sources of information for the UK, the US and Australia vaccination schedules.
    NHS Vaccination Schedule
    UK / More Info
    CDC Vaccination Schedule
    US / More Info
    National Imunisation Program
    Australia / More Info

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    Calendar is always up to date and securely integrates with schools.
    Save your information, get reminders and travel smoothly with certificates translated into 12 languages